Stephanie Kellett is a Nelson, BC based visual artist. Born and raised in the desert of the Okanagan Valley, and living in many areas of Western Canada before settling in the Kootenays for the last ten years, the dry, open landscapes still call to her and influence her work.


Receiving her Diploma in Fine Arts from Okanagan University of British Columbia in 2003, and her BA in Art History from the University of Victoria in 2008, Stephanie developed a deep love for drawing, painting, and nature-based art.


In 2015, Stephanie started taking multi-week trips into the deep wilderness of BC's Chilcoltin Plateau and southern Yukon. These trips ignited bodies of work that became multi-media installations of paintings, video, soundscape and text, and that created a sense of ritual in the gallery space.


Stephanie has exhibited her work in Vancouver, Victoria, and all throughout the Kootenay region. She has created murals for the Nelson International Mural Festival, ArtsWells Festival of All Things Art in Wells, Re-Imagine Street Art Festival in Penticton, as well as numerous public murals in the Slocan Valley. In 2011, Stephanie was commissioned to create an interactive installation at Shambhala Electronic Music Festival and has been commissioned for another two since. She has also illustrated four books of short stories and/or poetry, and many of her paintings reside in private residences around the globe.

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