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Stephanie and Flint

Stephanie Kellett creates artwork that weaves together her love of wildlife and wild landscape with her experiences with spirit. She is also a visual artist who uses beauty as a doorway into more difficult topics of connection and loss, ecological grief, and the energetic realms. Informed deeply by the landscapes around her, Stephanie often takes multiple week immersive trips into the wilderness to cultivate transformational experiences to create work from.


Although she completed a Diploma in Fine Arts in 2003, and a BA in Art History in 2008, Stephanie began painting in 2010 when she moved to the mountains of south-east British Columbia. Inspired by artists like Madeline von Foerster, Emily Carr, Ana Mendieta, Wanda Koop, Genevieve Robertson and Deedee Cheriel, Stephanie makes work that questions our relationships to the living world.


Self-taught, and working mainly in acrylics, Stephanie develops layers of washes and drips to create an atmosphere or implied landscape, which she then contrasts with animal figures or geometric elements. The results are evocative and playful, with rich and resounding undertones.


Stephanie lives and makes artwork in Nelson, British Columbia.

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